It is not an uncommon fact that the USA is a bit behind the times in certain aspects.  They are probably third last when it comes to countries using the imperial system of measurement, sharing this lonely space with only Myanmar and Liberia.

And when it comes to business, there are two concepts they seem to get dismally wrong.

The one is “Free” software or “Free” downloads. Most of the free things are given free for real. But it’s useless until you pay for it. It’s like a paper plate with a 4 course meal. The plate is free, but you have to pay for the meal if you want more than just a photo of it.

The other is “remote” businesses. Google still insists to send you a post card with a code to your street address to verify your business is where it says it is. All good and well, but then they should exclude every single business with a remote or home office, operating somewhere else.

Take a Fitness Instructor, or a Event Planner as examples. They rent a premises, or often use a public park. Yet, sending a post card to a park is futile.

Another problem we have with Google is the fact that technology exist to solve the “identity” problems. Yet they still insist on relying on the SA Post Office to deliver mail and it takes 22 days?

It’s time Google leave the 19th Century, and get with the program.

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