When it comes to a domain name, always keep in mind that it is your “Company” on the internet.

I often stumble on pretty websites and then I see that one thing that always gets me.

Wix and other FREE websites

When creating a free website on Wix as example, your website address (URL) will include “.wix.com” as part of the address. For example, your website address could be “myawesomewebsite.wix.com”. While this is a perfectly fine and functional website address, it may not look as professional as you would like.

The 40 year old living with mother?

If you are looking to create a more professional looking website, you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan which will allow you to use your own custom domain name (e.g. “www.myawesomewebsite.com”).

Free hosting might be a great idea today, and won’t be a bad idea if your business fails after 3 years, but when you do make a success, you will have to move your website to a proper address. Time to leave mom’s home.

Selecting the name that fits

A domain name should fit. Not only your business or brand, but also in the minds of people and on forms you need to complete on paper. In reality a domain name can be as long as 63 characters excluding the extension (.com etc) But for efficacy people must be able to remember it for one, and type it with the least effort for two.

It also needs to fit your business name.

If you have a registered company, you might find the domain name is not available anymore, or it might be for sale for an enormous amount. This would then require a bit of thought but it’s not a brunt bridge.

If you do get a domain name that fits, you might find the company name is already registered and it’s a registered trade mark, which means you cannot trade under that name.

Protect your intellectual property.

Did you know there are people who makes a living from “internet real estate”?

Yes, we call them domain squatters. They will buy a domain name in the hope that someone desperate will seek that domain name and pay a premium for it. Domain Reselling is not illegal and is a lucrative business venture with little investment, but it has it’s grey areas when it comes to ethics and privacy.

Using a free webhosting service is one way domain squatters generate their own opportunities.

Example.wordpress.com has been operating for 12 years and are very profitable. One day, the CEO decided it’s time to change the domain to a paid domain name; their own. And he registered example.com. Or tried to. It wasn’t for sale. At all. (example.com cannot be registered for obvious reasons. It’s used on the internet to explain things better.)

Domain squatters use your free hosting account name to register the domain name and sell it to you when the time comes. So, think…

Wix, wordpress.com, weebly, and a few others are often advertising free hosting. But in most cases, you will be living with mother.




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