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As a business owner, you are legally bound by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 to create and maintain a workplace that is safe for your employees to work in, and does not expose them to undue health risks. This is not something you can choose. You have to comply.

You can ignore it, yes, but when someone is seriously injured, you will regret it for years to come. The penalties in the new Occupational Health and Safety Bill starts at R50 000 and is not the ideal situation to keep your doors open.

With SmartSafe, you need not worry about all this, as everything is taken care of for you.

For only R1750 per month*, SmartSafe protects you from the legal obligations that could result in closure of your business.

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* Price per premises on Standard Packages. Ask your Consultant about Upgrade options.

Initiating SmartSafe

Initiating SmartSafe

SmartSafe saves you time. There is no initiation time.

Managing SmartSafe

Managing SmartSafe

You don’t need to manage SmartSafe. The program is managed for you.

Take Action

Take Action

The program guides you on outstanding legal issues.

The Program

The SmartSafe program covers all the legal aspects of OHS Management

The 10 Primary Objectives are:

To demonstrate commitment to Occupational Health & Safety
To identify risks and hazards and to manage these according to legal requirements
To facilitate legal compliance and protect the business
To ensure compliance with the SmartSafe Program
To achieve compliance within prescribed time frames
To ensure continuous improvement in efficiency
To ensure stakeholder awareness and loyalty
To minimise negative impact of our business operations on the safety and health of employees and customers, and adverse effects on the environment.
To encourage employee participation in OHS compliance
To demonstrate transparency and performance as a SmartSafe business.

SmartSafe makes Smart Sense

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When things go wrong

You do not need to learn the hard way!

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