The commitee of the Western Cape Model Boat Club in Durbanville recently kicked a new lease on life in the family jewels. The club had a very outdated website created back in 2009. After being offered a more mobile friendly version, the offer was turned down.

During 2022 the club’s website went offline after the registrant passed away and did not renew it. Since then they have been battling to get it back up and running. A temporary website was created on a subsite and it appeared to be working well. But it remained dormant with content dating back to May 2023.

In August 2023 the club’s newsletter reported that it was still in process of getting the domain name sorted.

On 8 February 2024 a club member approached us for a solution and on 16 February 2024, the first email announcement went out to members stating the new website was online.

But…three days later the account was suspended on request of the member who designed it.

Apparently, and despite the compliments from other members of the club, the committee decided it is not route they want to go. No further reasons were given.

Going without a website in 2024 is surely not the route to go, but who are we to disagree. We just host it.


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  1. The club chairperson recently sent out a second newsletter stating that one should not have the audacity to demand payment for services rendered. Accusing their former member of dishonesty and seeing the club as a meal ticket, he sent a message that the member can keep the site and the domain; throwing in the towel whilst claiming to sort things out there and then.
    This is a pathetic state of affairs. I have seen the site they had, the one that was built and the one they have now. Perhaps the member acted without the club’s authority, but he sure as hell was no idiot.
    We also took a hike from these old [removed]. They moan and bitch about anything and everything. The City should reconsider this “open dam” policy. If one is not welcome, then NONE should be welcome.

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