There are two aspects we need to consider when it comes to web design.

Look and Feel

The visual aspects of a website influences the bounce rate of your site. When a website presents to many visual distractions, such as pop-ups and sliders, people tend to get announced and bounce off.

An appealing look and feel is thus essential to retain a visitor.

Commonly referred to as the “user experience” or UX, the look and feel plays an important part in creating a rewarding web experience.

One good example of a bad user experience is Facebook.


The second, and probably the most important from a business point of view, is the integration of website content with the rest of your business’ online presence.

It is common knowledge for most that a website must be linked to some form of social interaction, be it facebook, whatsapp or a chat platform. But integration goes much further than just the normal human interventions.

Our approach

When you join us as a client, our first duty is to determine the workflow you intend to achieve. Do you simply require an electronic version of your printed company profile or do you want to sell something online?

From a profile to a full-scale company intra-net, everything happens on the internet.

It is thus essential to understand what the end-game is.

We can help you to determine a long term strategy that will add value to your virtual business.